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Exploring the Charms of Lot and Garonne: A French Treasure

Nestled in the heart of France, the Lot and Garonne region is a tapestry of historic beauty and vibrant culture. This area is a treasure trove for explorers and history buffs alike, boasting stunning Bastide towns and majestic chateaux that whisper tales of the past. The daily markets bustle with life, offering a feast for the senses, while the summer night markets add a magical touch to the warm evenings.

For those seeking adventure and relaxation, Lot and Garonne does not disappoint. The region is a playground for all ages, offering a plethora of activities:

  • Glide along the serene waters with boating, canoeing, and other water activities.
  • Embark on scenic river cruises to soak in the picturesque landscapes.
  • Dive into fun at swimming spots and lakes with inviting sandy beaches.
  • Discover the underground wonders of grottoes.
  • Saddle up for horse riding adventures through lush trails.
  • Connect with nature at local farms and savor the fresh produce.
  • Indulge in culinary delights at restaurants known for their gastronomy.
  • Cycle or walk through the verdant countryside, breathing in the fresh air.
  • Sip and savor the flavors of the region with wine tasting and tours.
  • Observe the diverse avian life in a tranquil bird watching session.
  • Experience thrills at adventure and leisure parks.
  • Wander through beautifully curated gardens.
  • Immerse in culture at museums rich with local heritage.

Lot and Garonne is not just a destination; it’s an experience that caters to every taste and interest. Whether you’re a solo traveler or with family, this region promises memories that will last a lifetime. Come and discover the enchanting allure of Lot and Garonne – where every moment is a page in France’s grand story.

Discover the Charm of Golf de Barthe-Tombeboeuf

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Lot-et-Garonne, Golf de Barthe offers a serene escape for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Created in 1988, this 9-hole course is a gem in the rural oasis of Tombeboeuf, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of rolling hills and farms.

The course, known for its challenging layout, spans 2813 meters with a par of 36, providing both novice and experienced golfers with an engaging round of golf. The owners, Michael and Samantha Robinson, have infused the place with a welcoming social atmosphere since taking over in 2018, enhancing the overall experience.

Golf de Barthe is more than just a golf course; it’s a community hub where individuals can enjoy not only the sport but also the company of fellow golfers. With facilities for private lessons, group stages, a practice range, and equipment rentals, the complex caters to all your golfing needs. After a day on the greens, relax at the bar terrace with some snacking options, or partake in one of the musical evenings that bring the local culture to life.

For those planning a visit, it’s important to book tee times in advance, and meal reservations are required a day prior. With its affordable rates and the promise of an unforgettable experience, Golf de Barthe is a destination that calls for your presence. Embrace the charm of rural France and make your next golf outing a memorable one at Golf de Barthe.

Discovering the Charm of Golf de Villeneuve-sur-Lot

Nestled in the picturesque region of Aquitaine, the Golf de Villeneuve-sur-Lot stands as a beacon for golf enthusiasts. With its lush greens and fairways lined with the region’s iconic plum trees and orchards, this 18-hole course designed by architect R. Berthet in 1987 is not just a test of skill but a celebration of the beauty of Lot-et-Garonne.

The course, par 72 and stretching over 6109 meters, is a masterpiece that harmonizes with the rolling landscape, offering challenges and delights in equal measure. It’s recognized as one of the best golf courses in Aquitaine, a testament to its design and the impeccable maintenance that ensures year-round playability.

But Golf de Villeneuve-sur-Lot is more than just a golf course; it’s a country club that caters to every need. Imagine finishing a round of golf and then indulging in the gastronomic delights at the on-site restaurant or unwinding in the wellness area. For those looking to extend their stay, the club offers luxurious apartments with breathtaking views of the fairway, along with a private pool and tennis court to enhance the experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a curious beginner, Golf de Villeneuve-sur-Lot invites you to immerse yourself in the sport and the splendor of the region. It’s a place where every stroke is a story, every hole an adventure, and every visit an unforgettable chapter in your golfing journey. So, why wait? Book your visit and find out why this golf haven is the talk of Aquitaine!

Discovering the Charms of the Atlantic Coast Near Gîtes de Sévenne

Nestled just a short drive from the serene Gîtes de Sévenne, the Atlantic coast awaits with its breathtaking beauty and a plethora of activities that promise to make your holiday unforgettable. Imagine the gentle sea breeze, the soothing sound of waves, and the soft, golden sand between your toes. This is what lies just a 2-hour drive away from your cozy retreat.

The “Make the most of your holiday” information pack, thoughtfully placed in each gîte, is your treasure map to an array of experiences. Whether you’re seeking adventure on the high seas, tranquility along the shore, or cultural excursions in nearby historic towns, this guide is your gateway to it all.

So, why wait? The Atlantic coast is calling for you to explore its wonders. Dive into the adventure, soak up the sun, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Bon voyage!


Sévenne is remote yet only 3kms from the nearest village of Saint Barthélémy d’Agenais where there is a bar, restaurant, tabac / general store, post office.
The nearest town with supermarkets, banks, restaurants etc. is 14kms away at Miramont-de-Guyenne. The towns of Tonneins and Marmande are also within 25 minutes’ drive.

Nearest airports : Bergerac 50min / Bordeaux 1h30min